This One. Is for You.

I grew up a lost little tomboy trying to fit in. With my heart I wanted one thing, and I was told from the outside to do the other. Always. So much so that when I was more of a grown up, my brain believed the outside more than my heart. There was a complete disconnect. It led me through an achievement of self-destruction in several fields of life. I flat-out jumped over the edge numerous times, even without coercion – and whenever I hit rock bottom there was one thing that never left and was always waiting for me: I never felt good enough. I never did anywhere, especially not at the bottom of the pit. 

Yoga changed that for me. Yoga gave me space. Yoga gave me back everything that I had lost or forgotten. It still does. Yoga reminds me to be me.

When I teach yoga, my intention is to give you space – to breathe, to move, to grow.

To feel.
To feel good. 
To feel good enough.

I never would have imagined that I would be – one day – able to find myself as a Lululemon Zurich Ambassador, nor have a picture of myself in a Lululemon store, in my city of birth that I thought to have long left behind.

In this picture I am represented as who I am, and who I want to be. 
I am doing what I love. 
This is Me.

This picture is for You. I open my heart. I bend back. I trust. I am grounded.

I am honored to have you in my class and hold space for you.
Thank you.

ChantalLululemon.JPGPhoto by Silvano Zeiter