My Thesaurus of Honest Thoughts

Sometimes I wonder how things work in life; especially the people we chose to be around and where we end up. To be honest, by this time in my life, I thought I’d be married with kids. Instead I have my Yoga Atelier and an adorable puppy. I thought I’d have my PhD and at least one postdoc in Neurolinguistics. Instead I have a continuous love affair with my body and know all its quirks and moves and started deepening my knowledge about Pilates. I thought I’d live in Brooklyn forever and have a summer house in Connecticut and a winter home in Iceland. Instead I’ve traveled far, I’m renting a studio in Thalwil and dreaming about moving to Davos. I thought I’ll keep my heart friends until the end. Instead, I’ve kept a few old classic ones, lost many in between and made new superb ones along the way. I always thought I’d be very happy after arriving at the end — after all the hard work, because that is what I was taught. I think most of us were. What is happiness (in the moment) anyway? 

Then I thought my broken heart will never heal after losing its life lover. Instead, I’ve made myself fall in love with I + Me. A courting and romancing act that took me out of my comfort zone for sure! To be truly at peace by myself and by being alone took a while. Even though I take strength from being alone. Sometimes it wasn’t comfortable at all. Like a new yoga move, it takes a while to work with it and not against it. To make peace with what is and honor where you are right now. Something I teach at yoga. 

Today, after almost five years of craving community in Switzerland, after having worked hours and hours for other people and barely making enough money to pay for life and ergo not having enough time to make friends, I can finally say that I have people that I call friends here, I have created a family branch on my life tree and I am very happy! Even when I’m sad sometimes, longing for my friends far away, I know that my heart is ok. I know that my soul is at home. I know that the beauty around me and on the time on my mat is showing and giving me peace. I know that the lone path of having become a full time teacher of yoga has been giving me all these valuable options in life and I am ecstatic to be able to have created a Yoga Atelier for you to find your own path and for us to be together — a community. 🙏🙃

Life is funny and mostly doesn’t turn out the way you think it will, less than what you plan it to be. But being honest, what would be the fun in always knowing what comes next? ♥️😘 

Much Love +✌️


Chantal Hauser Yoga Atelier 2.jpg

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