An Intention – June 2017

2017. This is a transition year for so many things in my life. It is a beautiful place to be in. It is a scary place too. Unknown. Whenever I used to find myself in unknown territory I’d grasp for my habits, run into the arms of chaos, and succumb to heavy guilt. A transition can also be messy. Confusing. Whenever I used to find myself bewildered I got lost. Utterly lost in my mind and numb in my body.

This year. I’ve chosen to focus on aparigraha. Again.

Non-attachment has always fascinated me, especially during my time of healing from addiction, depression and heart-break. Moving On. It was the ego that made me do it in the first place. The Letting Go. Without it I don’t think, I’d have ever had the courage to leave my self behind. 

Now, as I’m in the unknown again and looking at confusion in the mirror, I know to breathe and I know to trust the process. Faith. Because I remember the trail I’ve left behind. I know. In front of me. Clarity. There is my path. One step at a time. 

Today, during practice. I took some me time and leaned into Compass or Parivrtta Surya Yantrasana. I opened, stretched and twisted. I have my back. I can hold myself up to the highest standards of my soul. I trust. 

To me. This asana means exactly that; I am the keeper of my Self. Within. 

Hence, when I was asked a couple of days ago, what my intention of the month was, I knew. My intention this month is with āstikya. It is a niyama that means faith. Cultivating our faith to trust the process: on and off the mat.

Compass Chantal .jpg

This picture was taken on Tinos Island in Greece during my self-practice in the summer of 2017. 


This One. Is for You.

I grew up a lost little tomboy trying to fit in. With my heart I wanted one thing, and I was told from the outside to do the other. Always. So much so that when I was more of a grown up, my brain believed the outside more than my heart. There was a complete disconnect. It led me through an achievement of self-destruction in several fields of life. I flat-out jumped over the edge numerous times, even without coercion – and whenever I hit rock bottom there was one thing that never left and was always waiting for me: I never felt good enough. I never did anywhere, especially not at the bottom of the pit. 

Yoga changed that for me. Yoga gave me space. Yoga gave me back everything that I had lost or forgotten. It still does. Yoga reminds me to be me.

When I teach yoga, my intention is to give you space – to breathe, to move, to grow.

To feel.
To feel good. 
To feel good enough.

I never would have imagined that I would be – one day – able to find myself as a Lululemon Zurich Ambassador, nor have a picture of myself in a Lululemon store, in my city of birth that I thought to have long left behind.

In this picture I am represented as who I am, and who I want to be. 
I am doing what I love. 
This is Me.

This picture is for You. I open my heart. I bend back. I trust. I am grounded.

I am honored to have you in my class and hold space for you.
Thank you.

ChantalLululemon.JPGPhoto by Silvano Zeiter